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No matter how small or big your wedding will be, you’ll definitely need to send some wedding invitations. There are numerous patterns, styles, and colors available on the market, and in some cases, you can fully customize them, as well. Let’s have a look at some unique wedding invitations provided by Minted.

1. Botanic

An original, unique, and cute wedding invitation featuring a hand-illustrated botanical theme, this piece is great for every couple wishing to pay tribute to the natural beauty surrounding them. The dimensions are 5” x 7” and the card type is flat.

2. Initialed

Created by Jessica Williams, this wedding invitation features a stylish foil ampersand and allows the engravement of your and your partner’s initials. Both the color theme and foil color can be fully customized and the shape of the final card may also, vary depending on your preferences.

3. Overlay

This is a minimalistic, chic, and modern wedding card, created by Kelly Schmidt who has a passion for modern stationery design. The invitation features an arch and your names will be engraved on the front in large letters of your color choice.

4. Wedding Rings

This wedding ring pattern makes a beautiful and unique wedding invitation. The Gloss-Press printing of the card along with the pearl color theme make up a luxurious final product that can be additionally customized with the addition of a photo layout.

5. Letterpress

A classic, minimalistic, and still elegant wedding invitation that’s a bit surprising as well is created by Megan Davis. It features a classic layout and has a beveled edge black border. Its dimensions are 5” x 7” and is made of 100% Premium Cotton paper.

6. Bouquet

A colorful floral wedding invitation inspired by nature, this card is perfect for the celebration of your special moment in a cheerful way. It is made of Signature Paper, which offers a velvety cotton texture. The bouquet of flowers surrounding the names makes the invitation cute and beautiful at the same time.

7. Portrait

If you wish to set a more personal note to your wedding invitation, then this style of card is a great option. You can add the portrait of your engagement up on the front and choose different color themes, including dusty, navy, or rust. Alternatively, you can add a picture of you and your partner in a special moment, like you first date.

8. Terra Mystica

An interesting, mysterious wedding invitation featuring a misty mountain landscape, this card is perfect for couples wishing to create a mysterious atmosphere. The Terra Mystica card is contemporary and sophisticated, as well. You can choose between different foil colors and the dimensions are 5” x 7”.

9. Kimono

This original design is inspired by Japanese culture and depicts birds, and flowers in a colorful environment. It is elegant and luxurious at the same time and promises to make your guests remember it. It features Minted Signature paper that has a versatile off-white hue and velvety cotton texture.

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