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For most people, a garage is just a place where to store stuff and everything is difficult to find in there. If you want to optimize the garage, you need to think about storage and how you store things. The same rules can be applied to workshops and other rooms that need to be organized. Here are a few ideas that can significantly improve and optimize your garage.

1. Use boxes to store things

You need to have boxes to store things. Use dedicated boxes that hold just a particular type of item. You can have a box for auto parts, one for consumables, documents, and so on. Do not mix items of different types on the boxes as you will have difficulties finding anything in your garage.

2. Use labels

Not knowing where things are is not how you optimize the garage. Get into the habit of labeling things. All boxes and cabinets should be labeled so that you know where things are. This also helps commit certain storage areas to a certain type of thing. It will also help you know where to put things back when you are done with them.

3. Get a toolbox

A bad habit is having multiple small toolboxes and all your tools spread amongst them. It will make it difficult to find things. Get a large toolbox with caster wheels that can hold everything. Not only that it will help you optimize the garage but it will also help save storage space.

4. Get storage cabinets

It does not make much sense nor does it help that much to store everything in boxes and then have the boxes spread all over the garage. What you need to do is to get some storage cabinets. Store everything in cabinets as it will help declutter and optimize the garage storage space.

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