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One of the main reasons why washing clothes seems like a tedious job to many is probably the dark and depressing room where it happens. When you walk into a typical sink, opaque walls and piles of clothes indicate that you have nothing good to look forward to, except for a few hours of hard work to light your clothes. However, if you get a job and need to complete it, why not make it a fun experience? This can be done, most importantly, by adding some colors to the room that you are so afraid to enter. Your laundry is like any other room in the house and deserves to be decorated and maintained like any other.

A few simple tips can make it a much better place. First, painting the room with different colors will make it look clear and alive. Often, the same white paint that spreads in some places due to improper maintenance is tedious. You can go ahead and paint the clothes according to your favorite color, be it pink, yellow or blue. To save costs, you can do this yourself with the help of a family member or friend.

To make it more creative and colorful, you can ask several friends and family to draw graffiti with paints and sprays. You just need your creativity to flow and you may not need professional help to decorate the walls. Even young children at home can contribute to this. They can also stick stickers of their favorite cartoon characters or movie stars, just to add more flavor. You can also write special messages on the walls. These decorations can be better if the laundry remains clean and tidy.

Brighter colors are best suited as they help liven up the room. Light blue, green, yellow, and dirty white are many of the safest to use. These are best in larger areas and those that get good sunlight. You will find that when the sunlight hits the wall, it will actually add even more light.

Whichever color of clothing you choose, make sure it matches your personality and the theme of the other rooms. Also, all furniture, cabinets, and other areas should have duplicate colors or at least somehow the same.

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