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It is difficult to imagine July 4th without fireworks. On average, Americans spend $1 billion on fireworks each year to celebrate independence day. While this may seem a part of the tradition, the number of accidents and injuries caused by fireworks grew over the past years at alarming rates. Fireworks can be hazardous and should be left for professionals. What you should do is try some safer alternatives.

Glow sticks are a great alternative. These glow in the dark sticks are not only inexpensive but much safer. They can even be used by children. They can come in many colors and sizes but keep in mind that they do not last for all that long so you might want to get a large pack of glow sticks.

Another fun alternative to fireworks is a silly string. You can celebrate July 4th using silly string by making a mess and having fun. This fun alternative is also safe and suitable for both children and adults because everyone loves messing around with silly string.

Party crackers are another alternative that will cause both joy and suffering. They can be messy but they are completely safe. If you do not mind spreading confetti all over your living room or yard, you should consider getting some. If you feel crafty enough, you can make some yourself.

If you want something simple that is safer than firecrackers and does not cause a mess, you can get some classic pinwheels. You can make some yourself but for just a few dollars you can grab tens of them and you can even find some that have the US flag printed on them.

Lastly, you can choose the safest route and just play videos of fireworks on a large screen or projector. Paired with a decent home system, it should provide the festive July 4th atmosphere that everyone loves.

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