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A rain garden is installed in the depressed part of the land. Here, the runoff continues after heavy rains and is used by the soil instead of talking directly to sewers and watercourses. These gardens also help to minimize erosion.

The environment can certainly benefit from a rain garden if you build one at home. Firstly, it is a way to clean the water, thus improving its quality. It is also a way to value and preserve native plants, as they are the recommended plants for use in the garden.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. The first thing to do is to identify a perfect garden spot. It must be in a low area. This may be the area that collects the most water after rain. However, make sure he is at least ten feet from your home. Do not install on a septic system or well either. The downward wings also go there. Experiment with soil infiltration before starting the project.

2. After identifying the area, create a plan for the garden. What would be your size? What will it look like? You must also specify the plants you will use. Put them on a list. Native plants are always the best choice because they have already adapted to the environment. Take a look at your local nurseries for the best plants for your garden.

3. After the plan, it’s time to go back and start digging. Dig about six inches deep. Tilt the edges and place the removed soil on the sides of the garden to make a border. Place more soil at the bottom of the garden. Shaping and digging the garden takes a long time, but patience is needed to achieve the desired results.

4. When the garden is ready, start planting. Check your plan to make planting easier.

After tidying up the garden, your job is to take care of it. The maintenance requirements of a rain garden are similar to those of any garden. It is not necessary to add fertilizers or many insecticides if you use native plants, unless necessary. You will also need to remove weeds for the plants to survive. You can also prepare the plants if you want, as long as you follow the right path to prune them. Once your plants grow, they will need less control.

A rain garden can help improve the attractiveness of the sidewalk, helping to improve the environment.

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