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Besides the mirror at the entrance, the one in the bathroom, and the one next to your wardrobe or in your dressing, all other mirrors throughout the house are used to decorate the room. Using mirrors as a decorative object is a common practice and a good way to avoid using too many paintings or other types of decorations. Here are some amazing ideas on how to use mirrors to decorate your home.

1. In between windows

A large mirror places between two windows has an amazing effect of making the room seem larger and brighter. It works best when the mirror is placed to decorate a white wall. For this type of setup, you should get a mirror that is just as large as the windows.

2. To reflect a piece of art

Another good use of decorative mirrors is to use them to reflect pieces of art. It may be on the opposite wall of a painting or the other side of a statue. What matters is to place it at the same height as the painting.

3. Behind decorative objects

One interesting use of mirrors is when placed behind decorative objects such as vases. You can have a cabinet or piece of furniture on which you can place books, statues, or vases and have a mirror on the wall behind. It creates an amazing effect that makes the room larger, almost like a window into another room.

4. Between paintings

Cluttering a single wall with paintings is not always a great idea. A better way to decorate is to have a few small paintings and a larger mirror between them. It creates some diversity and makes you want to get closer to use the mirror and appreciate the paintings. You want to have this kind of mirror and painting set up on a wall above a couch or piece of furniture.

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